About Me

20181219_110511Hi! I’m Rinus, a senior member of technical staff at Globalfoundries in Malta, New York. I focus on process technology development for manufacturing nanometer-scale devices. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of materials science and electrical engineering, turning science into applications.

I received my technical training from National University of Singapore, and interned at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Upon completing my PhD in 2009, I joined the industry. Over the past decade, whilst at Bosch, Sematech, and Globalfoundries, I have worked on novel semiconductor materials, exploratory transistor designs and large-scale electronic systems. Between time spent in graduate school and industry, I have published 103 journal/conference publications with 9 invited talks and 18 patents.

My contributions to the field have been recognized with various awards and honors such as the 2017 GF Invention Achievement Level, 2009 IEEE/EDS PhD Fellowship, 2009 European MRS Young Scientist Award, 2008 TSMC Internship Program (1st Prize), 2007 TSMC Outstanding Student Research (Gold) and 2006 Marubun Research Promotion Foundation Travel Grant.

As a member of IEEE, I served as the chair of the EDS chapter in Schenectady from 2016 – 2018. For our contributions to the local technical community, we received the 2017 IEEE EDS Chapter of the Year Award. Currently, I am serving as regional editor on the EDS newsletter committee. I have also served on symposium organizing committees for MRS Spring Meetings 2017 and 2019.