About Me

Rinus2022JuneBWHi! My name is Rinus and I am an engineer in the semiconductor industry. I focus on device and process technology development for manufacturing nanometer-scale devices. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of materials science and electrical engineering, turning science into applications.

I received my technical training from National University of Singapore and joined the industry after my PhD in 2009. Over the past decade, I have worked on novel semiconductor materials, exploratory transistor designs and manufacturing technology. I have contributed to 104 journal and conference publications with 10 invited talks and 27 patents.

My contributions to the field have been recognized with various awards and honors such as the 2017, 2020 GF Invention Achievement Levels, 2009 IEEE/EDS PhD Fellowship, 2009 European MRS Young Scientist Award, 2008 TSMC Internship Program (1st Prize), 2007 TSMC Outstanding Student Research (Gold) and 2006 Marubun Research Promotion Foundation Travel Grant.

Being a member of IEEE, I have served as the chair of the EDS chapter in Schenectady from 2016 – 2018. For our contributions to the local technical community, we received the 2017 IEEE EDS Chapter of the Year Award. Currently, I am volunteering as a regional editor on the EDS newsletter committee. I have also served on technical committees for MRS Spring 2017, 2019 and IEDM 2020, 2021.